Saturday, August 30, 2008

The exodus has begun-

Looks like those who are leaving town have gotten an early start this time.Hurricane Gustave is aiming at us right now, but not due to make landfall till Wednesday. Yesterday as I made a trip into town for a few items at Kroger I was surprised to find the stores already boarded up and the gas lines extending to the adjoining parking lots. Many stations were sold out- and this is only Saturday!!!

We'll be staying put- right here on Providence. Lord willing we'll do the samee thing we did last time- except this time we will likely ride out the storm itself. Communication workers have to be here fast - so there's no point to leaving. I sure am glad my husband just finished 2 full weeks of vacation time!!! The long hours -7 days a week after a storm are hard on him.

Oh the work- I do kinda dread that huge clean up again. Seems like we just finished with all that. :)

Well- I'll keep ya posted if you check back here. We do have a generator that we will likely only use briefly and intermittantly if we get a direct hit- so I'll post what I can.

Meanwhile - life goes on ......


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Hey Autumn We are leaving Sunday afternoon to go to Shreveport with Bryant's Dad and Sister. Let's keep in touch. Shannon