Monday, June 2, 2008

Now ya know what I did with that door,Maire!!!

On a visit to Marilyn's a few months back she generously gave me this old door- I had no idea at the time what I would do with it but I knew it would find a special place.

It is now know as a "potting bench".

My sweet hubby mounted it on the wall near the back patio so I could use it for dual purposes- a potting bench and outdoor bar top.

I love re-purposing!!!! I think it's addictive,though!!!


Bekah said...

BeAuTiFuL! ! !

Shannon said...

Autumn that is so creative!

auntbum said...

Thanks- but there is so much more to put on this shelf.
I rescued all my grandma's clay pots- some of them must be 50 years old- and they will all be here,Lord willing!