Friday, April 18, 2008

What do money and wagons have in common?

Not much- :)

Not long ago my son volunteered to  involve himself in a rent-a-kid program for his 4H group.Kids from his group were to help visitors to the Spring Garden show carry their purchases to their vehicles. My son enjoys working and helping folks so this was going to be a cool experience for him.That is until he found out that he would need to bring a wagon to cart the plants around in.

Shall I say his countennance dropped? He became a little discouraged ...well maybe a lot discouraged. We didn't have a wagon and I told him I couldn't afford to purchase one for just one event.

Well,my little man,(he doesn't like me to call him that) I said, my little man was discouraged but not defeated.

I said we didn't have a wagon? Truth is, there is a wagon on our property...a very small plastic wagon...maybe 10 years very ill repair.

My little man got to work repairing that wagon. He cleaned it up and made new sides for it. It certainly was not the picture of perfection but my little man had taken the little he had,made it the best he  could then turned his sights on the GArden Show to be the best Rent-A-Kid he could.

What a great lesson for all of us. Sure we have discouraging times,but God has provided us with so much. If we wallow in our discouragement it just gets worse. but if we look around and do the best w can to use what God has given us and then be "content"as my little man was then all is well, isn't it??

Well my little man was content but I wasn't. He had been faithful over a few things so I rewarded him 10 fold...or whatever.

The point is I was proud of the maturity of my son and although I couldn't afford to buy a new wagon for one event, his living parable to me caused my bank account to seem larger.I bought a new,big nice garden wagon.


Oh well- so when I said I couldn't afford to purchase a wagon for that one event I was wrong...I was right...I was wrong...?


little man's dad