Thursday, April 17, 2008

Singer 403a

WOO!HOO! My son in law is the BOMB!!!!

Are old ladies allowed to say that????

Look what he bought me!!!

Actually this is how it happened- on rehearsal night he came to me and said he had a gift for me. He wanted dd and I to go get a pedicure to help relax us both after the wedding. I was so touched that he even thought of it- how sweet is that???
Anyway we were supposed to go today- as we were planning our day on the phone this morning I told my daughter that I had seen this machine at the thrift store and had resisted the urge to even ask my hubby for it. She asked me a little about it- I thought she might be interested in it- a few minutes later she called me back to ask if I would rather have the machine than the pedicure. Then I was a litle embarassed- I didn't want to snub my sweet son in laws gift- it meant so much to me.
He was in favor of the machine- he said ,"..hey a pedicure only lasts a little while- you'd enjoy that machine for a long time" so I got the machine!!!!
It is so solid and smooth- absolutely runs like silk!!!!!
I can't wait to stay home long enough to use it!!!!
Mostly though I am so honored that my son in law cares about me- what could be better????


Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

You are blessed indeed my friend! What a darling son-in-law! I can hardly wait to see what you dream up using that machine.


Katy said...

HI autumn!!! I went to your profile..but still don't see your email for me to email you my address?

Autumn said...

i am so sorry- I thought it was on the profile-my mistake.
I have added a CONTACT link at the bottom of my page here. I thought you were on the MJ Farmgirl page as well but didn't find your info there. We are really having a time of this aren't we????

queenofdreamsz said...

Oh, how sweet!...that machine is..and he's a keeper for sure..LOL What a beauty of a machine..don't you just love the firm, solid, heavy as a tank feel?

Very nice indeed!