Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday lunch...a week ago

In the short time my #2 son was in town we had 3- 4 full family dinners!!!

It's so funny when we are all together- we travel around in a clump!!! We can't seem to spread out to do anything. We had family church-ON THE TRAMPOLINE!!!! We went out to dinner all 12 -13 of us on Saturday night after the wedding and then we had this sunday dinner together.
I have always teased my kids about following me around. We have a big old house and 10 acres but still we ALL stand in the kitchen to visit and follow each other around"in a clump"- it's just amusing to watch them do it when they are adults!!!
I sure hope they want to follow me around when I'm old!!!!
I just love having my oldest daughter here in town- we share enough of the same interests that we have become good friends,too. We have show and tell every time we visit each other's homes.
The guys kinda laugh at us but no matter- we are having fun!!!!


Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

What a blessing that your children still want to be together and with you! Our family is much the same way. We always laugh that no matter what size our house is, we'll all end up in the same room anyway. Your post just made me smile from ear to ear!