Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The other side of the party!!!!!

This is how the party looked at my house last night!
Abby came home with me after we had our share of goodies and laughs and at about 11:30 this is how the party ended- sitting up straight on th couch- not even a movie was playing! She just conked out!!!(


marilyn said...

That Abby, She's a stinker." Party till you drop or just fall asleep sitting up." That's always been my motto.

i am so blessed to have you as a friend, that you, yes you, would give up your whole day of "to dos" to sit here and keep me company.
Today has been one of the best days i have had in a looooong time.And i mean LOOOOONg.
Even if Logan did seem a little skeptical about our happiness, he sure mustered up a lot of patience to let us be.
It's so nice to have a friend that brings you unsurmountable joy, by just allowing the other to soak up their attention.
We're just sponges.
Just dollar store sponges.
You know, the kind that come in the BIG discount pack. Not those prissy one of a kinds, like Scrunge.

We're not fancy, yet we stick around for a long time.
You can always find one of us smooshed up in a forgotton corner of the cleaning bin.
A little worn out, past its prime, sort of smelly, but we're there.
We are there.
God, i love my sponge friend!
from, your fellow cellulose

Autumn said...

(Crying & laughing!!!)
I gave up NOTHING to be with my friend - I gained !!! What a wonderful day - and yes Logan(ok - his name is Luke but Maire tagged him with Logan yesterday and it just stuck) was patient with our silliness. How long has it been since we just sat and talked,ate, giggled,cried and prayed together??? Too long I'm afraid.
There's only one thing you got wrong- YOU are "CELLULOSE" I am "CELLULITE"!!!!!
Thanks for keeping me together while I am hurting from my baby being gone!
Where would I be without you- all of you who keep me grounded!!!
Praise God for the "fellowship of friends".