Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Winners announced!!!!

Well ladies- you all had such great stories and advice that the budget guesses seemed less important. I really loved hearing all the ways you made the weddings you took part in lovely without trying to break the bank!!!

Since only 3 of you posted I decided to have a first second and third place!! Hey it's my blog- I can do that!!!

So(drum roll please!!!!!!!)

Third place winner is KATY!!!! WOO!HOO!!!!(*loud applause and cheering)

Second place is CANDACE-More applause and cheering

and LEEZARD has the first place spot(wild cheering) with her guess of $1500-

(Please email me with all your addresses so I can get your prize in the mail by Friday)

The actual budget was set at $1000- however we went over about $250- as far as we can tell.

I can tell you that it turned out gorgeous and oh so sweet!

I'm only posting a picture of a tired bride now but in a few days(Ihope) I will have some pictures and a story to share of the whole event!

The most used word was -original- everyone seemed delighted with it and it was great fun .

We estimated 200 + folks- with 2-3 in line the food was running low- the hearty food anyway.

More later with pictures!!!

Congratulations girls- don't forget to send me your address!!


Leezard said...

Yay! Thank you!

I can't wait to see more about the day!

Katy said...

ROFL!!!! I got last place!!! Ahahahahahaha!!! How fun that I still win....LOL thank you!!!
I will look for your email on your site and email you my addy :)

Katy said...

I can't find your email address anywhere....so could you email me first at
thecountryblossom AT hotmail DOT com and then I will reply and send you my address? :)

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Congratulations to everyone! The bride is lovely, even if she is tired! I can hardly wait to see those photos!