Saturday, April 5, 2008

The last few minutes of childhood...

Thursday was a warm sunny day here and somehow the "to-do" list was fading into "done" and there was something tugging at me- quietly but none the less steady. I pulled myself away from the "wedding room"- where everything from serving pieces to tulle fairy skirts are being stored until the BIG day- just 5 days from now!
I walked outside looking for my two teenagers feeling almost uneasy- they were always right around me talking and asking questions - you know how kids are. I suddenly realied that it had been probably an hour since I had heard or seen either of them. As I walked out onto the patio I saw them - laying on the trampoline talking. Not arguing or wrestling just talking.
I just stood there and admired them thinking about how very soon this relationship would be forever changed.
I recorded it in my mind to think about in the future.
Then impulsivly I shed my cell phone and walked the short distance to the pond- I dare not disturb those kids- I wanted them to have this time together.
I sat in my chair looking out over the paradise that God had given us to live and just marvelled at the sheer multitude of life that had happened on this piece of ground.
Five kids have grown up here and now the fouth one will be leaving. I realized that I was witnessing the last moments of free-spirited fun-loving childhood of at least one of them. I had been priviledged to have this moment with each of them- but I can honestly say that being older helped me stop- and let it soak in.
Both kids came running up a few minutes later and before I knew it Sara was on the rope swing ready to finalize the moment in a big way!I resisted the urge to just sit and I RAN- YES I RAN to get my camera- just in case my memory fails me!!!
They only swa a few minutes but the laughed and swam and I will not forget childhood.
I will always remember what the last few minutes of childhood look like!


Beverly said...

Dear, dear glad you got a picture to cherish. Our children grow up so almost have to hold your breath, so the time doesn't pass by! Best of luck with the wedding....will be thinking of you!

marilyn said...

I am sitting here enjoying a quiet moment of blog hopping. And here i am.
Why didn't i know you had your own blog? Surely you told me. It just didn't register.That is so weird. Only you would understand.
I 'm about to put my youngest ones to bed. These last two still ask for prayers and a kiss.
Won't be long before they stop expecting it and begin to settle for a "good nite, say your prayers".
That's how i know time is passing.
It wasn't so long ago we yearned for them to get a little older, now we catch ourselves reminiscing of burp pads, and diaper bags, and "firsts".
Why do the days pass so slow, and the years so fast?
love, maire

Autumn said...

Well what a nice surprise to see you here,Maire.
I am waiting for you to start a blog so I can visit - seeing the art you are working on is inspiring- and I need a little inspiration!

Nancy Jo said...

That was a nice post. Its a reminder to live in the moment.
Well Happy Wedding, it will be perfect and over so fast you will wonder what happened. Thats why we have pictures HA.
You will look perfect in that dress you picked for yourself.

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

gOh Autumn, I'm sitting here with eyes brimming with tears. How beautifully you have described the joy of that special time with our children. Thank you for this precious reminder.