Friday, April 4, 2008

Fairy dust and more...

Well the bags are filled with fairy dust and the ring box is gorgeous!!!

There is no way to show how stunning it is in a picture but I will try to take more detailed pics tomorrow.

We did have some rather sad news today- my oldest son and family in Kansas will not be able to make the trip south for the wedding. My DIL will be having surgery on Monday. She is expecting a baby in September and is in a great deal of pain due to a cyst. It is large enough that it must be removed immediately.

I am sad they won't be here- but I am concerned about her health and the baby. They have 2 little ones- 4 & 5 so all of this will be rough for them.

Please pray for them if they come to mind.

Also if you want to see something really pretty hop on over to Bekah's Blog- I think she's giving this pretty away-well almost anyway~ go check it out!!


Maryjane said...

Autumn, thinking of your dear DIL and keeping her in my prayers! Sending wedding wishes to ya! Maryjane Lee

Katy said...

i love the fairy dust!!!! It looks sooo pretty!!! :)