Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ths Saga of the "DRESS"

Unlike most women I know, I dislike clothes shopping a great deal. I have a style(or lack of one)

that defies modern thought. I'm not trendy and I'm not(I don't think) frumpy. I like feminine dresses that are modest yet stylish and comfy.

With my daughter's wedding coming up I knew this chore would be the one I least enjoyed. A friend-the grooms mom, suggested I look online- after exhausing my search at the local mall.

I did exactly that and found several that I liked- then I found this one. This is me- on Monday at the grocery store or Sunday at church- this style is me every day.

My husband heartily agreed and I purchased it last week.

End of story.


It should have arrived by Friday,at the latest, so I tracked the order. Well, it's been delivered- only problem is it got delivered in SALT LAKE CITY ,UTAH!!!!!!!WAAA!!!!

Well, I concluded that it would be easy enough to place a new order-certainly they would just rehip.


The dress is out of stock!!!!

So just in case YOU get my dress AND you're reading MY blog Please oh, please Oh please send me my dress!!!

I'll let you know how it turns out!!!


myfairlady said...

I wish they would have delivered that dress to me.. I would have forwarded it to you! It is beautiful. I hope you get it. You will look lovely in it.

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Oh how sad ~ maybe a kind soul has found it and will send it on to you. I hope so!


Beverly said...

What a beautiful dress!

Autumn said...

Aww! Ya'll are so sweet.
I called Spiegel today and they say the tracking number is incorrect and the dress is on it's way to me!! Woo! HOO!!
Now if it just looks half as good on me as it does on that model I'm set!!!!

queenofdreamsz said...

I hope the dress finds it's way home to you!


Sheryl-lyn said...

Glad you are getting it!! I had a little heart attack for you as I read the post.