Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fat Tuesday and me...

Fat Tuesday is the last day of Mardi Gras season here in Louisiana. I just thought I'd give you a little picture of the holiday from a small town view.

The King Cake is only sold from around mid-January until Fat Tuesday. They are the best part of Mardi Gras!

It's a huge filled sweet roll topped with entirely too much icing in the most awful collection of color you can imagine!Purple,yellow and green- those colors ARE Mardi Gras and they are everywhere for the entire season!Hidden inside the cake is...ok this is gonna sound crazy but I promise it's true- a tiny plastic baby- (representing the KING-Jesus)

Tradition says that whoever "gets the baby" has to buy the next King cake- so it is always a delightful mystery that young and old try or try NOT to get the baby.

Then there are the parades! Many many parades and balls and every other kind of extravagant procession you can imagine. It is a season FULL of glitz and those same crazy colors!!!

Yesterday, I forgot it was Fat Tuesday until I saw the street lined with tents and bbq pits. The parades were going on all day and people had camped out since the day before to secure their spot for catching beads and candy. These folks are die- hard parade fans and it is amusing to drive past it all and just look and listen! Cajun food and music cannot be escaped. Wish I had DSL so I could post some Zydeco music for ya- it's lots of fun to listen to-especially if you can't speak cajun french!!! Just imagine squeeze box(accordian) fiddle electic guitar and soulful wailing and lots of hand clapping and eee-ahhh!! and you've got it!!!!

Just a quick glimpse of Mardi Gras in small town luziana!!


Katie said...

I love your description of small-town Mardi Gras! I can almost see those colors, hear the music, smell the food . . . . so festive and fun. Who found the tiny baby this year?

Autumn said...

That's a good question- I wasn't at my daughter's house when this one was finished so I will definitely have to find out!!
Last year, Andrew her husband got it and that's why he was sure to get this one!!!
Such fun!!!!

myfairlady said...

How fun to hear about Mardi Gras! I just love to come and visit your blog.

queenofdreamsz said...

Oh..the king cake!!! have endulged in way too many of them..LOL I could fill a room with mardi gras beads if I still had them all!! Thanks for the memory :o)