Monday, February 4, 2008

Our "Super Bowl " party!!!!

It may not look like a party to you but we all know it was a party! Funny how traditions get started and this is no exception. Before I explain what our family calls a party I must tell you that only one of us even knew what teams were playing yesterday- furthermore- none of us are football fans!!What a scream!!!
Now let me explain what we call a "party".
When all 5 of my kids were home money was always tight and we had our share of family tragedies. For some reason, these were usually pretty big ones- untimely deaths of both my brothers before either was 30, total loss of our home due to a house fire, financial devastation due to lengthy illness of my husband - you get the idea. Anyway it was a constant struggle to keep morale up within the family. Since we are in the country a quick run to Mickey d's wasn't a possibility- even if we would have had the money.
Somehow we began having"parties"- they were so simple ;there was never was a plan- it just happened.
We'd get a bag of M&M's , pop some popcorn and maybe watch a video or play a game. That was it! No extra people- just us.
Anytime things started getting a little down or were bad someone would come up with a party!
Until Bekah and Andrew got married we never gave it a thought-conciously anyway.
One day when Bekah had had a rough time about being so far from home(Dallas) she told Andrew she needed a party.
He looked at her in disbelief and started explaining to her how unreasonable an idea that was on such short notice. Through her tears(I am telling this from memory- so if the details aren't perfect-forgive me Bekah) she explained to him what a "party" was. I can almost see the relief in his face as he realized he only had to make a quick dash to the grocery store for M&M's and popcorn and all would be well.
Now- he regularly has parties for his little family - just like the rest of us!
SOOOOOOO....... we just decided we all wanted a party and just because the superbowl was being played we'd call it a superbowl party!
What a fun evening we all had.
By the way...who won????


Beemoosie said...

What wonderful memories your family must have! Even if some hard times led up to the parties...that perserving spirit shines through!! The four of us our all pretty much into sports so we usually make a "party" our of the big events.

smoothiejuice said...

Oh yes...this is so the kinda parties we have. I am so glad you have em. It is a great idea!

pumpkin seed said...

hey, my living room wall looks ok in that picture...It's starting to look decorated :)

Autumn said...

Your place looks great!! Too bad our pictures of our first place burned up in the housefire!!!It was a sad looking job of decor!!! Ahhhh! The 70's Shag rugs,hanging lamps and good old bead curtains!!!!AAAAAGGG! Glad that's over!!!