Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More on the "DRESS"...

Well the wedding dress awaits flowers,trim and other assorted embellishment, but the construction phase is officially over!!!!!

My mom did a great job- I know she's glad it's over for her!

Now on to the saga of MY dress~ that lovely dress arrived today safe and sound!! Spiegel said they reuse tracking numbers and that's why mine showed it had been delivered. Who knew????It is very lovely- but I'm afraid it will look a bit different in a size 12 than it does in a size 3!!

I made the bouteniers(?) - how DO you spell that Sheryl???

The picture makes them look kinda dull but they really POP! The flower looks so real!

I really had a good time doing them,too. It's my first attempt at anything floral.


pumpkin seed said...

great job on the boutinears mom! Very very cool!

myfairlady said...

I am so glad to hear you got your dress!

Autumn said...

Thanks, both of you!
Yay! No more shopping-except shoes!!!!