Monday, January 21, 2008

Dress Progress.....

Well here's the next stage in the re-made wedding dress. The original bodice

(lower) was strapless and was made for a "busty" Twiggy. The dress is a size 1 or 3 -who cares when it's that small!!

Anyway, my mom is constructing a new bodice with slight capped sleeves(not on yet) and rounded neckline.

Finding the right color fabric and tulle was a challenge. You fabric hoarders will be happy to hear that that old stash does come in handy! This tulle was tucked away in a box and is probably the same age as the original wedding dress it will be on.

And now~ the dress(before bodice is attatched) at the first fitting of the two pieces,old and new, together!


pumpkin seed said...

WOW! What a super model! That girl is going to be gorgeous on her wedding day! Even without the dress being finished, she looks picture perfect...Isn't this fun, being able to ALL work onher wedding together? : )

smoothiejuice said...

great looking dress autumn, your daughtr is gorgeous, cannot wait to see it all togetehr...looks great so far!

queenofdreamsz said...

What a transformation! Can't wait to see the cap sleeve added..