Sunday, January 20, 2008

Small town parades....

I was just wondering how other small towns celebrate things.

Our town has several at least 7 or 8 parades a year.

When my daughter got married her husband (from Dallas) was highly amused at our


He couldn't believe they threw candy and beads,cups and frisbees along with other goodies into the crowd.

The parades that come to mind are rodeo,Calcasieu-Cameron Fair,Thanksgiving,Christmas,Homecoming....and I can't remember the rest. We only make 1 or 2; but the Christmas parade is a family tradition. We ALL go-if possible. It's great fun for us- but I wondered if your small town is similar?

Just wondering.....


Beverly said...

Wow, it must be nice to see a parade and be warm at the same time. Our town has Halloween and Holiday Parades...that can be rather blustery!