Sunday, May 29, 2016

New Series about ...

I  want to put the spotlight on some amazing women that neither seek nor like being the center of attention- rare in this age of SELFIE ADDICTIONS.

These are women who get dirty... they do what needs doing because ...well, it needs doing and they are not the kind that look around for someone to appoint to do it- they just roll up their sleeves,put on an apron tie their hair up in a knot and Just DO IT.

I am literally amazed at the number and caliber of these women and the hardships they endure daily ...yet most folks around them are completely unaware of any suffering or discomfort.

While their friends are getting pedicures, they are changing adult diapers for their ill husbands, or racing to a neighboring town to rescue their aging mom from a wrong turn leaving her lost and afraid-

Their dreams of relaxing in a stylish beachfront condo have been dashed- they look out a window that needs washing, into a yard that needs mowing...and they aren't relaxing with a glass of wine in manicured hands-but likely a plastic cup of leftover koolaid from the kids.

and they are OK- even happy.
But its a different kind of happy-

This series is not gonna make you feel sorry for any of them- but you will rethink what success means.
its not always clean,manicured and comfortable...sometimes its very dirty work.
Its sweat,tears and yes some blood from the heart of a very alive Dirty woman!!!!

Standby to meet some amazing Dirty Women!!!!