Thursday, August 27, 2015

Blog,Facebook...whats the difference?

Rants...that's the difference! If you have more than a sentence or short few words its mostly considered a rant and therefore inappropriate for Facebook( who made that rule up anyway?)

Blogging is for the thoughtful person...the one that wants to share or, believe it or not READ more than a sentence or two.

Blogging is ...and just a little more relaxed.

Whoever wrote the rules for Facebook must've been in their teens and wanted to coax all the adults to revert to impatience and snarky wit rather than thoughtful consideration.
So why do I blog?
I wish I knew- I've left off for periods of time but I always return.
Doesn't matter to me if 3 people or 300 people read it. (I'm not exactly certain how to tell how many folks stumble across this blog)

i suppose that I've blogged for close to 20 years- long before Facebook arrived to our quiet little party.
I've made some friends from parts of the country that I will never visit in person and they have shared their lives openly with me and it has been amazing.

So I'm thinking with all the crowd gathering over on the noisy side of the cyber social world, i may just spend a bit more time here...where there's plenty of time to think a thought...