Sunday, December 7, 2014

Its just a little ole' hometown parade........

Thats all it is- just a little ole hometown parade.
But,honestly, its a whole lot more than that!
Years 10 + years ago, our little town put on its very first Christmas Parade.
This is the only picture I have of that day- :( it was long before the iPhone and always present camera.

It was downtown(amongst a few struggling businesses ) on Ruth Street and it lasted about 15 minutes.
There was nothing impressive unless you count the happy smiles of the few folks that gathered along the street to watch our local heroes.

But it was a day that for some odd reason we reveled in our little town.
The happy,no agenda fun moment that is magical because it is just that- a moment.

We were proud that our little hometown put out the effort to do something ,just for fun!

Little queens with big crowns,sleek muscle cars ,cowboys on horses, people was sweet and felt good.

Every year since then Ive attended -sometimes with only one or two of the kids  but so far never alone.My kids have grown up,had their own kids, loved,lost and rejoiced - and we have grown...a LOT!

This year It looked like my work schedule was gonna prevent me from making the parade. I was heart broken. Sure I could've asked for the day off, but I had already arranged to work and I decided about a week ago that I just needed to accept it and grow up. 

I told a coworker that it was the first one in 10-15 yrs that I would miss- but that I had gotten over it-
She looked up the parade info online and what do ya know???
They had pushed the time back to
 6 PM !!!! If I left 30 min early  from work,I could go!
After a few quick texts it was set-and some of the kids were willing to go!!!!
Why is it such a big deal?

Because it serves no other purpose than fun,kid friendly happiness -even for all us old folks!!!
So many difficult moments happen in family life and I search for moments that soothe,relieve and refresh us so we can can endure the difficult.
My youngest son ALWAYS grumble- and pretends to HATE it-but he goes. :)
My oldest two boys were grown and gone when we started this tradition,but both of them came
One on his motorcycle and the other in his minivan with all 4 kids and his wife.
It took them longer to get here than the parade would last!
But they came!!!
My oldest daughter got 4 kids out again,after a day full of finalizing details on selling their home
- it was no small feat to have so many of us there!
(My youngest daughter & her hubby were hosting a youth group bon fire and couldn't make it- but I'm so happy they had a happy event just the same.)

We laughed and talked and took a million,(well, ok, maybe just 20 )selfies).We cheered for Shorty,the Grand Marshall.
We teased each other and wore reindeer ears and we HAD FUN!!!!!!
And then it was over-
And I'm still smiling!