Sunday, November 23, 2014

Super Heroes...

Sometimes ya need a Super Hero- a tiny little Super Hero 
 These little guys still live in a world of carefree, pretend and play- just as it should be!
 I remember watching their parents when they were carefree too- and I remember them being in a hurry to grow up.

Nothing I could say would convince them that this time -"this playful,happy ,carefree time is so very short-you must enjoy it- it gets you through the world when it becomes unbearable"

Before you can blink tiny super heroes have to start school,finish school,get a job, take care of a family and become a different sort of Super Hero- the kind that pays insurance,fixes the car,fixes supper,takes care of laundry,banking and the mortgage.
The kind that loves,loses and hurts-sometimes all alone.
That's what Super Heroes do- they just do what needs to be done- whether anyone notices or not.

It's a lonely job....
My tiny Super Heroes are all grown up now - and life is no longer carefree.

Its almost impossible for me to watch as they struggle through difficult times- knowing I cant do much.
Also knowing I cant convince them,even now, that this time will pass too quickly also- after all, nobody could convince me. :/
My therapy?

Watch the tiny Super heroes( AKA  grandkids) that visit on weekends- and agree with them that they can fly,protect and save...

Hug a Super Hero today!!!


Bekah said...

Oh my goodness, too sweet! A perfect way to start my day with happy thoughts :)