Monday, November 17, 2014

Growing ...?...gracefully?

Growing up...wait growing old... Ugh- I don't like the sound of that!

Anyway I wanted to reach this age and the rest of my twilight years gracefully.
More and more I see less grace and more desperation.

More serious and less whimsy
More worry and less contentment..
I didn't plan to be away from my husband so much at this stage in our marriage- but then again I didn't plan to be 25 % heavier than  I was in high school either.
I work full time and I'm overweight despite working out.
So much for expectations,huh?

Today,I found myself envious of another's easy ,good fortune - not graceful at all!!!
Even if they never know- I do!

I saw a glimpse of my own dark thoughts and it was anything but graceful.

Sure I justified my feelings- but they were still dark and not what I want to be.

I guess it's time to re-calibrate and get thankful for all that I have and am that someone ,somewhere will never have or be.
Time to look at how blessed I am and not how tired I am.

Forget about grey hair- I'm looking to get rid of the roots where the grey thoughts slip in and turn everything inside black !

Its prickly business- 
Reset... GO!