Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Cheer!!!


I have not even cared to think about, much less decorate for the holidays least not until today!

It's hot and muggy, and I didn't hear a single Christmas song- so how did I get so cheerful about it??
No-I don't drink, so that's not it. :)

I think it was the company of good friends!!!
We were more like school girls on the playground than women, tired from the difficulties of life-

Today we were happy, able and yes, we were a bit tired but the terminal illnesses, recent losses,sadness and pain were all packed neatly away
for the day and we just lived the "right now" for a bit.
I feel refreshed and inspired- just having been in the company of good women!!!!

I came home and trimmed the fresh greenery and placed it on my living room inside windows.....
and a little more greenery around my fun industrial looking holiday thingy that I love...
...added greenery to the twinkle lights on the back porch....


Spend time with friends....... it's good for the soul!!!