Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cupcakes & candles....

Some things never change... but most things do...especially people.
It just wouldn't be right if we were static,unchanging and rigidly regular.
I know I've changed over the years-at least I hope I have.
I'd like to think that as I learn and experience new things I reshape my life etc. to fit new understandings.

Sometimes those changes are difficult-
I thrive on routine-sort of an unrecognizable kind of routine to most but for me there really is a pattern-some predictability-and I kinda need that.

My circle of friends is a comfortable constant-something I can count on.
I've heard that a person was indeed fortunate if they had 1 true friend-a friend that remained through thick and thin- having more than 1 was rarer still.
Well, I must be off the charts in rarity because I have several(I dare not number them)..... true friends.
We've seen a lot of life together-shared a lot of happy and plenty of sad..
Our relationships have changed through the years-some of us are going through phases in our lives that demand we we do....but not always easily and certainly not without protest at times.

Still, our friendships remain-altered,adjusted, reshaped and refitted but still friends.
And from time to time we can stop and just be....

And when those times happen ...we usually have cupcakes and candles!