Sunday, October 24, 2010

What to do? What to do?

Life is BIG sometimes.......and the direction of it all ...sometimes as confusing as the crowd that wanders the fairgrounds.
So many choices and different directions to take...

I haven't blogged in quite sometime-I just don't have a lot of confidence in my thoughts-and especially in my ability to express them-I kinda feel like the guy in this picture-
surrounded by people-yet standing all alone,with choices...numerous choices before me.

Nothing terrible has happened in my life-quite the opposite
life has been nice-but ever changing.
Over a year ago, I started noticing that my emotions seemed out of balance-things overwhelmed me easily and I just couldn't seem to get a grip on things.

I am ,no doubt, in the midst of change-and I am quite honestly
stumbling along as the changes come.
I hope to stumble less but somehow the desire to blog is back.
I'm not sure I have anything of value to share but I think I'll give it a try.
So if I stumble here, please...please extend your hand
down to me ....and help me back...... UP.

Meanwhile-I hope the ride is smoother and I can share lots of happy things with you!


jeannie said...

Great thoughts. This early morning I have been reading several blogs, all thoughts posted from many directions, and I identified with yours very much. Hope it a good day for you!

Autumn said...

Hey Jeannie-It is a good day!
My NEW routine includes going to the gym 2-3 mornings a week-and its taking some real adjustment.

Gwen Kelley said...

So glad your back to blogging friend. I've missed reading your thoughts that you seem to put so well. I think it helps me understand we are not alone in the things we go through. Thanks for the lovely card.