Sunday, October 31, 2010

Familiar "old things"-

I don't think a single piece of ribbon could have been added to this box!!!It was fairly bursting at the seams!!!!

To top off a productive busy day like yesterday(as if the symphony were not enough) I had a package waiting for me.
I didn't remember ordering anything,so I had no idea what it was.
As I read the return label , I had to smile. I mean really smile!!!

It was from a long-time Farmgirl friend that has been so good to keep u
p with me. She has watched as my outlook has gone from HATING to make clothing (especially traditionally made) to looking for a new way to make every outfit special-and actually have other folks like what I do enough to spend their money on my creations!

A couple of years ago ,I had asked her to make me something, because I soooo disliked making clothing-she pointed her finger at me(all the way from Colorado) and said,"NONSENSE"-
-and she sent me a great dress! :)

I asked Bonne about wool-which is my second favorite fabric/texture because I knew she did a bit of spinning-and one day a box arrived filled with everything I needed to try my hand at spinning!
SOmehow, having another person share and talk about trying new things opened up a part of me that wanted to be more inquisitive about things-less afraid to try and fail and more willing to fail than not try at all.

Somewhere in that time I began,quite without knowing it , to "do my own thing".
I had been subtly released from the "traditional" sewing/crafting rules and turned loose into my own ideas...
Of course many things and people, along the way have shaped what I do now,and I hope keep shaping me as time goes on.

I'm FAR from an artist but whatever it is that I am, I owe a great debt of gratitude to the people who have nudged and encouraged me along the way~
~who kept me from giving up easily on things that I have come to enjoy.
~those who have come to every market I have been in and supported me both emotionally and financially(buy purchasing my little creations)
~those who have been honest enough to say-"nope-thats not workin for me"-and especially ~those who refuse to let me give up easily-but know when I need to.... and let me!!!

I'm having a great time!

Thanks friend!!!


cinnamongirl said...

You girls are good to each your post.