Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tomatoes, cucumbers and kisses

These two love each other sooo much! They are adorable together! Wendy imagines herself to be so much bigger than Ryland-she pats his head and calls him Ry Ry.His eyes just twinkle when he sees or hears her.

june 19 023

Seems like yesterday I was snapping pictures of my own little ones in this very same place…

june 19 005

The garden is doing great-but no thanks to me! I’ve done little more than water once in a while! My hardworkin man has been diligent with water,fertilizer and all the other garden chores and it has paid off!!!

june 19 055

Last week Abby and I made pickles-and she wanted to share her  recipe with you-from the vine to the jar.

june 19 050

Here’s what ya need-Vinegar,Mrs.Wages Dill pickle mix,some cukes and a little water.

june 19 031

Slice cucumbers and fill each jar with the spears or slices.

june 19 035 

Mix the vinegar,water and seasoning mix(as the pkg directs) and fill each jar to the top

june 19 036

Then just put the lids and rings on! 

june 19 038

Then wait till the next day to eat ‘em!!

Be sure to refrigerate ‘em so they’ll be crisp and yummy!

june 19 041

Next you go outside with your Granny and eat popsicles and blackberries!

june 19 049

june 19 046

june 19 043



Beverly said...

Sweet.....oh how you make me yearn for the future....what fun we will have! Thanks for sharing. Your grands are beautiful!! are you.

Bekah said...

she had so much fun that day! We are still waiting to eat our pickles until they sit in the juice a little longer : )She is so proud of those pickles : )