Monday, June 14, 2010

Good ole summertime…….


Our tomatoes are the best-I mean THE BEST!!!!

I don’t remember ever tasting a better tomato in my life. I’m not sure if it’s the variety ,or just that it has been sooooooooo long since I’ve eaten a good tomato!

My hubby really knows how to grow em!!!They are all about 5 feet tall.

vbs final 003

Rather than stake them individually he placed two posts,one at each end of the row, and secured a wire ,firmly at the top of each post. Then he tied cord from the wire ,the length to reach the ground and tied the loose end loosely around the base portion of the tomato plants.As the plants grow,he supports the new growth with the cord. As you can see, it’s a great technique and is working beautifully!


The berries are coming along-but I am surprised by how much time and care they require. The wild ones grow rampantly but these fade,droop and die if they miss water for more than a couple of days. But the berries are yummy!!Tart but sweet and large.


The fish are happily growing and even biting when we get to stop and fish with the kids.


The flowers always seem happy-even though the heat index is in excess of 100 degrees!


be susans



It’s been a very busy few weeks but I am happy to report that things are finally slowing down a bit-and it really needed to. I miss my kids,grandkids and just the quiet. This weekend the kids came out and we had a bit of just sitting by the pond,wetting a hook and visiting as they “jerked perch” from the pond. 

 vbs final 018

These will be the times I(and I hope my kids & grandkids) remember as the good old days.


Dawn Dutton said...

I love your photos and post! thanks so much for sharing them with me....
nothing beats homegrown tomatoes.. you are so far ahead of us up North.. yikes.. makes me wish I still lived in Texas.....
blessings and hugs. Dawn

Beverly said...

Wow, Autumn, your garden looks wonderful. Oh how anxious I am for tomato harvest. We have a ways to go, though, up here in the north.

Ah, yes, the quiet times are the best!!
Hugs to you,

marilyn said...

i love your new banner. so cool!
im jealous.
i wish my daughter would help me make one.
she can be so.... what's the word....selfish.
she hates putting up with my tech handicap.
i want to learn, i hate having to ask.
but, i don't understand any of it.
i really am jealous. i love the crow on the side.
so cool.
calll me.