Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ugly women…..



As I was working in the garden a few days ago a thought kept circling around my head…I finally stopped and listened.

I was thinking about how we treat one another- I know I’m impatient and irritable with others at times and really I should be a bit more longsuffering. As I thought about HOW to be more patient and longsuffering it occurred to me that with some , I overlook far more than with others.

“Why”, I asked myself  am I able to make a difference? I came up with lots and lots of reasons(which I won’t bore you with  :)…)  - some were good,solid reasons and some….well, they were just plain old excuses.

I did come away with a thought that I hope to put into practice,though.

How would I treat _________ if I knew she had a terminal illness? I would overlook the sarcastic comment, the overlooked invitation,the sharp tongued criticism and so many more things that I normally respond to,either actively or passively.

Why? Well, because obviously a person with a terminal illness has much greater things to deal with every day than my petty “feelings” and diva attitudes! I mean they have LIFE issues to think about- big stuff.

So I overlook the offense and move on, forgiving or even completely ignoring the offense, which makes forgiving it unnecessary. So why can’t I just apply that “CODE OF ACTION” to everyone? Because really, aren’t we ALL terminal? Sure, some will be leaving sooner than others but all of us are only here for a short time- so in essence we ARE all terminal.

I read one of my favorite quotes on Facebook the other day and it fits right here with this thought.

“Life is too short to dance with an ugly woman”

That ugly woman is any forgiveness or bitterness and I think I’ve danced with her long enough!

"Love covers a multitude of sins" (1Pe 4:8)


Dawn Dutton said...


countrynmore said...

Wow! You make us think about life and how we should go about treating others. Thanks.

marilyn said...

Okay, what did i do?
I mean i know you forgive me, but at least let me know what i did, so i won't keep doing it.
love you always,
your terminal friend.

Autumn said...

HA! You are so funny,Maire!!!!
Actually I was thinking about how annoying I can be to others at times and trying to remember to extend the same patience to others I would like extended to me(when I am annoying!!)

Like I said- WE ARE ALL TERMINAL!!!! :)