Friday, April 9, 2010

So much for a picture of me today…


shower mkt 056

Today was the final set up day for the local Flea Market-tomorrow is the opening day for THE NEST- a combined effort of Marilyn and myself!

The market stuff is ready to go and Marilyn’s art added sooo much!!!

Actually now that I think about it I do have a picture of me- sort of…..

shower mkt 118

It’s me…in the faces of my girls! I am so proud of these girls!

I don’t know of any young women that can do  what these two can- especially together!!!!

And Happy Birthday to Sara- she’s a big 20 today!!!

And here’s another ….

shower mkt 116

Only your true friends will haul a 6 foot fence section purchased at a Garage Sale (next door to a baby shower!!) home to yet another friends truck …….

anyway- my friends!!!!!!! They’re the best!!!!!

So , it was self-portrait Friday after all!


CountryBlessings@Lakewood said...

Good luck with 'The Nest' and have a wonderful weekend!

marilyn said...

It's funny, becca and sara do not look like each other and yet i see you in both of them.
that's so cool.
i wonder if that's how it is with my girls and me.

anyway, you are right, only true friends would carry all that lumber to another one's truck for you.
God bless their little hearts!