Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The LONG way HOME.....

Sometimes you don't know exactly what you want for your adults.
That is until you see it....

This place that we call PROVIDENCE is HOME to all of us- but in reality as the kids grow up and have their own families, it becomes less HOME to them - and it should be that way.
They are their own family and they need a place that becomes HOME to them.
I didn't really see that coming because I always wanted THIS to be home- but now, in the last few years I have realized that this place,Providence, will always be special to them, but HOME for them needs to be their very own.
When God gives them the desire of their heart I can hardly contain the emotion.
Read this sweet post and you will understand -

I laughed out loud amidst tears of some weird kind of sadness -bittersweet is a good description of the feeling I guess.
I am so blessed that this new chaper-( no wait a second- it's a NEW BOOK, not a new chapter)has begun for my firstborn and his sweet family!!!
My heart swells with love for all 5 of my kids and the lives that they have- right this minute!!!
Every single one of them are just a blessing to me!!!
OK since the tears are back, Im gonna have to stop babbling here and move on to the sunshine outside and finish counting my blessings there!!!


Bekah said...

This makes me happy! Sometimes, I look at Abby and Ryland and get so giddy with pride and love for both of them that i leterally forget to breathe for a moment! Kids are so awesome so Im glad to know that you dont lose the fealing about them even when we grow up and become "big" pains in the rear : ) <3 you mommma!

Bekah said...

*literally..i can spell lol

marilyn said...

Very precious words from Gabe.
i am so glad he pushed through the "junk"( that we all at some time or another can fall into, whether by choice or just circumstance), and God was faithful to answer the desires of his heart.
And with a thankful heart (sometimes we forget this part), Gabe glorified God in the end for this wonderful blessing.
Praise God for His goodness not only for the "home", but for the appreciative heart of his son, (G).