Thursday, April 29, 2010

Garden talk…

This is what it looks like to have the “seeds cuddled up in the soil”- ask my husband how to do it if you need to know more!!! :)

End of April 032

I don’t think this picture needs any explanation- it’s just LIZ-

shangrila 018


shangrila 026

Garden fellowship- refreshing!!!

End of April 017

Proud momma!!!!

End of April 010

Cassie treated US to a feast at Lisa’s wedding shower!!!!

End of April 012 End of April 013

A week rich in friends,flowers and fellowship!!!!


Dawn Dutton said...

Love your garden photo... I can't wait until I can plant more of mine. Up here it can freeze up until Memorial day... My greenhouse is getting greener every day though with my seedlings.... Love you blog.. thanks, Dawn

Autumn said...

Hey Dawn- No more cold weather here- it's full on summer now-humidity and all!!!
The entire garden is planted and I must say my hardworkin man has done a great job of getting things done right this year- even if he has been a bit detailed in giving me instructions on "how to plant a seed"!!!!! :0

Tks for visiting!!!

Bekah said...

Cassie does throw the best parties :) Lisas shower was gorgeous and YUMMY!

Sheryl-lyn said...

I wish I could have attended this shower!! Wow, it looks like you all must have had the best food, drinks and companionship. There is nothing like it on this earth!