Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm lagging behind....but still in the race!!!

I'm posting a little late(like 2 days behind!!) but I can't help it- we are having such fun!!!!
We started Tuesday off with a visit to PawPaw Jack's.
He was so pleased to see the girls.
He got to share his "own personal fish tank" with them all
(Assisited living gives him sooo much to share without the load of caretaking those things!)

Next we were off to Lake Charles- for some fun.
The plan was to go play PuttPutt- but the weather turned nasty and so we switched gears and played indoors- at Chuck E. Cheese's
Am I crazy, or what???????
I'm not sure how Andie escaped before I snapped this pic- but she did!!

Bekah and kids plus her nephew,Caleb, met us there and the kids had a great time!!!
We did too actually!

Of course the chores had to be done - and we did them too!!!
Everybody helping each other- such a sweet time!
                            Wide open spaces to walk and run
            Time to rest and read stories...and yes go to bed!!!!!!


marilyn said...

What a great time.
Thanks for the invite, but i was so busy running some much needed errands, i missed your call.
What's funny is that i was near chuck's, but that place is equivalent to skate city.
Danger, Will Rogers, Danger!
a no go zone.
love you, maire

countrynmore said...

It is so much fun to be a young child. Thanks for posting this. I really enjoy reading your blog.

Autumn said...

Thanks Marilyn & Sharon!
Nice to hear from both of you-
We have had a great time but my energy is dangerously low!!! OH my how kids can go and granny's cant!!!!:)

Autumn said...
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