Saturday, March 20, 2010

UGGGH! Self portrait Friday …again?????


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It’s my own silly fault…what was I thinking when I took up this challenge????

I have to admit- I thought about the self reflection topics alot this week- even with all the busy-ness of my grandkids goin’ on around me.

Haven’t drawn a lot of conclusions but I certainly have consciously realized “how” I think .

It is calming, in a weird sort of way, to actually kind of come to terms with who you are and how you think. :)

Since this week has been void of those troublesome compliments,I haven’t had a chance to practice on that- maybe next week.

This week it seems that I need another dose of humility- so here are two really awful pictures of who I really WAS in the 70’s(brace yourself- I was an awkward teen at my very best!!!) :0 and who I am now- as a Granny - after spending the last 3-4 days literally eating pizza,playing in the park,planting flowers,painting the dog house, roasting marshmallows and a million other tiny things I can’t remember- all with my grandkids plus a few!!!

Hmmm.maybe next week my eyes won’t look so tired and my double chin will shrink a bit???:)



Dawn Dutton said...

Autumn, I love your post.. your the best grandma! How lucky your grandkids are to have you.....
I love your photos. I love the pants you have on in the later photo. So many memories of that era... I think your a beautiful woman not only on the outside but even more beautiful on the inside. I wish I could meet you one day..... maybe... if not here on this earth maybe when we get to heaven... I'll look you up!

Autumn said...

Thanks Dawn- this self portrait Friday challenge is daunting to say the least!!!
Those pants are about the coolest thing I ever did- I was just so awkward!!!!
I actually HATE looking back- especially to my teen years-
If we don't meet here- you be sure and look me up- we'll have a grand time visiting!!!

marilyn said...

oh, word?!
are those coca cola pants you are donning in that photo? my. my. my.
you were, i mean.... are something special.
how funny.
i should post some of my old picts. i just love them.
i don't know why, i think it's just that we like the idea of life before life's responsibilities became ours.
love you, maire