Sunday, February 7, 2010

WHO DAT has DUN DAT!!!!!!

Super bowl history- a great game- fun party- and sooo much more!!!!!!


Louisiana needed this win…and it’s not just about football. It’s been a tough few years and honestly morale is pretty low in these parts.

Just like a movie with a good ending the big win tonight gave us all a moment of joy and excitement and a “feel-good-about-home” moment!!!!

I’m thinking Fleur De Leis will be a hot item in the weeks to come!!!!

abby who dat

Even Abby knows a good thing when she sees it!!!!


Queen of Dreamsz said...

How about them Saints!!! Woohoo.....The entire Gulf Coast and every resident that left after Katrina needed this win. :0)

I'm just soooo tickled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bonne said...

Awesome win!!! Just what ya'll needed!!

marilyn said...

Do you get the feeling you're gonna start to cringe at the sign of this motif shortly?
You are not ill, this is normal. And as Mardi Gras passes, and the glory of the Saints tones down, you'll soon be seeing plastic colored Easter grass, shamrocks, and mother's day reminders lining the aisles of Walmart.

Autumn said...

Nope- cause I won't be going to WALMART!!!!!! :)
Actually I prefer the FDL to the plastic eggs and grass- but you are right- our consumer world really drives it into the ground!!!!
Hey your internet problems are solved??????