Sunday, January 17, 2010

A new treasure!!!!

I just couldn't wait to share the latest creation from the jewelry-makers den!!!!
I requested a pair of silver and turquoise earrings several weeks ago and to my great delight my in-house silver-smith finished these yesterday!!!!
I just LOVE them!!!
I just had to hurry and share them with you!!!!!!!


cinnamongirl said...

Masterpieces they are just lovely you lucky girl.

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Well....aren't you special! hehe...having your own private silver smith in residence. :0) They are really pretty.

Have a great day,

Autumn said...

Yes- I am blessed for sure!!!
He's really enjoying this new hobby!
I hope it turns into a "latter years self sustaining hobby"-

Thanks girls!

marilyn said...

well, it just so happens i too am in the process of creating a pair of earrings to grace your ears as well.
(great minds think alike!)
lying in bed this past week, i worked on designing them, and in my mind made adjustments.
when i'm thru i will post a pict on my blog.
so keep checking back to see your bday creation.
I really think you will love them.

Autumn said...

YAY! I can hardly wait!!!!!
Missed seeing ya yesterday- today is full. Its my moms birthday so lunch and all that.
Now- get back to work,girl!!!! :)