Friday, January 15, 2010

Birthday fun and memories..

Thursday was my 52nd birthday~ and it was a good one.
I mean, if you're still here to celebrate then it's a good one , right? :)
Anyway, it was a quiet, low key day.
My daughters and my mom prepared a brunch and tea at Sara's house.
We had a wonderful time visiting and relaxing together.

Abby informed us all that she had worn her RED PANTIES especially for my birthday!!!
Who knew I'd be honored so???? :)
While I was stretched out in the recliner Abby snuggled up in my lap(very rare for her to be this still) and looked up at me and really quietly said, "Granny, I am so happy it's your birthday! I love you so much!" and then she rubbed my face in her chubby little hand!
Is there a more precious gift???

Speaking of special gifts I must tell you about the looking glass in the picture .

It was one of my gifts yesterday.
At first I hadn't recognized it-
The last time I saw it , it was dusty with face powder and "rouge"(my grandma always called blush that)  and the glass was broken. There was a tiny space you could see yourself in but mostly it just lay in the left hand drawer of the dressing table amid hair nets,rouge pots, and hairpins.
 It was there for as long as I can remember-
and I remember being as young as 8-10 and barely able to see myself in the mirror over the table!!!
My mom had it repaired  then  cleaned  and polished it and presented it to me for my birthday!

As I look into it, I can't help but think of my grandmother as she looked at her hair and face
to ready herself for her day.
It's a nice memory to start off my day.


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Happy Birthday, Autumn

I'll be 52 in July..:0)

Have a great weekend,

Autumn said...

Thanks Stephanie!
It was a good b'day and the weekend is starting out just right!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Beverly said...

Happy belated Birthday, Autumn....I am heading to 53...YIKES!!! Funny, how most of us here are around the same age.

Autumn said...

Thanks Bev! Yeah- I guess that old saying about "birds of a feather, flock together" is true!

We gotta stick together, huh?

marilyn said...

Hey older lady!
Here's the blog you requested,

She needs to put some of the our neighbor's photos on her blog. She practices photography with their little ones.
But, im sure she would need to get permission for privacy reasons.
I love you!

marilyn said...

Tell, miss jan, she gets kudos for that gift.
I love it when people really have such a great thought behind their gift. It's so sentimental.
Those are the ones you hang onto.
happy bday. maire

Sheryl-lyn said...

Happy belated birthday!! You are such a young chickie!! I am catching up to you and Bev in only a few years!!