Saturday, October 31, 2009

WOO! HOO! The camera bug is snapping shots again!!!!

Yep! I got a camera today!!
My hubby waived the "cash basis"  purchase (my cash anyway)
and we raced to the city for my camera of choice!!!
The model I wanted was sold out :( so the manager suggested I choose another.
The next one up was a few dollars more but he sold it to me for the same price!!!!
Made my day!!!!!

On our way home we stopped to see PawPaw Jack who was anxiously awaiting kids in costume..
ooops! I forgot it was that day!!!

And this strange looking crew met us at Mom's when we stopped there for coffee!!!
Boy ya can sure tell your age sometimes!

Abby was Scooby Doo- and she was in rare form!!!
What simple fun little people have!!!!

And this sweet boy(the littleone!!!) just makes me weak in the knees when he smiles at me!!!
He has the sweetest temprament!
His shirt says,"Got Candy?"
How cute is that????
Let the celebration begin!!!!!!
I am so happy to be back in pictures!!!!
Everybody to their feet and let out a yippppeee!!!!!


Ruth said...

Congratulations on the new camera. Abby looks too cute. The little one is a total cutie!!


Dawn Dutton said...

So what type of camera did you purchase? What a treat for you!
Have a super evening... happy shooting! Dawn