Friday, October 30, 2009


Flash Flood warning...lots of rain!!!!
This fall is shaping up to be a bit slower paced for me.....Farmers Market , some crafting and of course school. Just enough to make me miserable(Luke,too!) -but it is our last year and so we persevere!!!!
No big holiday plans this year- it looks like all the kids, except Luke will be travelling so I'm searching for fun alternatives to the traditional rituals.
Any ideas?????

Please make plans to attend the Farmers Market on Nov 7th
at the Brimestone Center
Marilyn and I are combining efforts and the results are fantastic!!
Well ok- we are having a ball and creating some really fun things!!!
Since I don't have my camera yet you'll have to wait for a few pictures that Marilyn sends via email to see the goodies!!! Better yet- come on out to see us at the Market!!!!!

Meanwhile- I better get my boots on for the day- it's already flooding here in the yard and driveway!
Stay dry and check back to see all our goodies!!!!!


Ruth said...

Hope you do great at the market!! I wish I could be there. Hope the rains stop soon. We had some here for a couple of days, too. The sun is just coming out now. Yeah!!


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hey Autumn,

Thomas is in Memphis and it's about to float away from the's heading to my end of the state tomorrow but I'm hoping it speeds up instead of just sitting on top of me for too long.

Stay home and play in your sewing'll have no interruptions and plenty of time to play for a change...I know that probably sounds strange for an alternative to the traditional Christmas celebrations.... but it sounds like something you would enjoy..hehe

Any of the following make the holidays grand.....Make-do Christmas decorations,good food, loving spouse, friends, family and the grace of God are plenty for me. :0)

And to think that prior to 15 years ago I was one of those crazy people fighting to get the *deals* during the holidays...omg, I do NOT miss it a bit.

Now a Farmer's Market, Flea Market, Junque Shop...well that's a different story..hehe

Have fun at the Farmer's Market..I wish I lived closer so I could come see you and your lovely stuff!

Scatter Bliss...

Dawn Dutton said...

Hi there Autumn,
What types of things do you make to take to the farmers market? I wish I lived closer I'd look you up......
We are having lots of rain but no flooding as of yet! It has been a very depressing fall here in Wisconsin. Cloudy, rainy, and very windy...
Get the camera and take pictures of what you make! asap! It is hard to be without a camera...
Blessings, Dawn

Autumn said...

I mostly do soap for the Farmers Market- but my good friend Marilyn is making some very cool Jewelry and totes.
I have a few needlework items as well-
I should have a camera by then! I shoot some pics!