Thursday, October 29, 2009

A happy day!

Today(I think, it's today!) is Jenna's birthday!!!!
So turn up the music and have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

                                                 I hope ya have a fun day!!!

I am soooo bad with birthdays lately- another sign of aging!!!!
I totally forgot my sweet little Kalleigh's birthday- probably others as well.
I guess distance makes it hard  - I lose track of time and the kids are not here getting excited about their parties and gifts and all the special things that come with birthdays!

TURN UP THE MUSIC-it'll be gone tomorrow!!!!


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Yes, Birthdays seem to roll around far too fast and then gone again!

And yes, you are so right about the creative ideas...I've got a dozen years worth of idea journals of drawings and would be interesting to know how many of us had the light bulb turn on at the same moment in time for the exact same thing..LOL

There truly is NOTHING new under the sun! Just different expressions of it... hehe And I've decided there are a lot of super women flying around out that that seem to manage light years of accomplishments in one lifetime...I think I USED to be one of them!!! ;0) I don't know what happened...I seem to lose that lady half the time!

Scatter Bliss...

Autumn said...


Think I'll adopt it as my own for a while!