Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall Fever!

We've had the nicest touch of Fall in the past few days that I feel refreshed and energized again!
I think I forget just how hard the heat is on us "old-people" .
Though I still have lots going on in my life I was able to carve out some time today to spend with Abby.

She has grown up so much since becoming a big sister and time has slipped by so quickly that I hadn't realized just how much she has changed.

My morning was full but I was able to pick her up at 1 and bring her out to the house- she had no intention of shopping- she just wanted to go to my house for "5 minits- just 5 minits,Granny!"  :)

We normally DO lots of stuff- sew,color,work in the garden.....something with a purpose.  But today was different. We just needed to be together and do ....nothing and thats what we did!

After getting the groceries put away, we headed out to the chicken yard to visit the girls and get the eggs.... and   since we were so close we decided to jump on the trampoline a bit....
Abby got her jumping out and we both decided to play "clouds"- .

We   laid on the trampoline and stared at the clouds finding funny shapes and making up funny things to say...just silliness... but oh so sweet!  We laughed and giggled and played right there for a long time! All of the sudden Abby rolled over and hugged me and said,"Granny- you are just beautiful!"
Well, of course it made my day!!!!

We finally decided to go inside and eat something fun! (Shhhhh! Don't tell anyone- but we call it a "fat-girl party" cause neither one of  us can eat like this all the time) I mixed up some peanut butter  with   mashed banana in it and we sat in Pawpaws recliner together, laughing at our big bowl of good sticky food!
Abby said,"Granny, we're gonna get fat!!!"
We both just laughed and cackled!!!!
Time to go back outside for our ride on the "4 litre"  (4 wheeler) on the hill.
We couldn't get it started so we went back in and ate a bowlful of marischino cherries!!!!!!
What  a party we had!!!
We sang itsy bitsy spider on the porch swing ....and our time was up!

I hope someday when she's older she'll have those warm happy feelings I had as a child when I was with my grandmother- they never leave you !


Beverly said...

How lucky is have such a beautiful, wonderful grandma!!

It's the little things,right?

Bonne said...

:) :) :)
one on one with Granny is the bestest

KKJD1 said...

Oh how sweet! Makes me look foward to grandbabies! Blessings,Karen