Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I never heard of it either!!!! 

But necessity is the mother of invention, right????

Marilyn and I had a visit planned today  and part of our goal was  to inspire each other in our artisitic endeavors. But as life would have it there were interruptions- little details of life that just demanded the attention of our otherwise creative spirits.
Marilyn had some errands that were time sensitive and I did too- we also wanted to get a visit in at the hospital where her dad is recouperating from surgery- the answer????

Here's how it went- when I arrived she was organizing the kids to get them where they needed to be while she plopped a load of magazines down for me to peruse as we talked.
I brought my projects that needed a **bump*** of inspiration and we talked and experimented with ideas at the kitchen table.
She pulled out her GORGEOUS suitcase/ art box and I just got all googly-eyed looking at it!!!She has some beautiful pieces of unique jewelry !!!!
Yep! It was working! I was getting inspired!
We tossed ideas and craft show dates around- drank coffee and loaded up in the car for our deliveries!
Got Dan to his spot- Emma to her place and off to the hospital!!!!
We had a wonderful visit with her mom and dad and we were off again!

I'm sure by the time we arrived back at her house she had to start the pick-up routine . I had more errands and then dinner to get done- but thats ok- I came away inspired!!! Ready to get in my fantastic art room and get to work!

So now you know HOW to speed craft!!! Just be sure to find a friend you love and beautiful things to share and it's a sure thing you'll have fun!!!!


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Autumn,
I love your favorite true that is! And the speed crafting...speed cool is that! :0) Sounds like the two of you had fun.

Where's that new window? You know how I LOVE windows..LOL And especially where are you creating.

Hugs, Steph

KKJD1 said...

A fun time of speeding around! You are so right as long as you have a friend and pretties its sure to bring along some fun. Hope your weekend will be a great one. Blessings,Karen

Bubba said...

The most beautiful thing I share is my wife... beautiful in every way... to so many...

Autumn said...

Is he sweet or what????????
His eyesight is pretty bad though....:0

Ruth said...

It sounds like a wonderful time of crafting and just being together.