Friday, September 11, 2009

Finally!! A room with a VIEW!!!!!!!!

This tiny room is my sewing room- well,  craft room and inspiration wall too.
I have so enjoyed having this space all to myself for a couple of years now. There's only one problem- no window!
When several of the kids moved away from home we changed the way we used the spaces in our home - that's how I ended up with a sewing room. The windows fell on each side of the walls we constructed for our new spaces and not wanting to appear ungrateful I didnt complain...for a while.:)
I had a couple of old windows, rescued from the side of the road ,that I really wanted to use there but it took some convincing.My husband can build ANYTHING- and well.... but this job called for non-traditional installation.

In other words I wanted the "look" and he had to come up with a way to "rig" it so I would be happy.

This was the week he decided to give me light!!!!!!!!
It took him just a short time to do and the difference was amazing!!!!!
I don't do new,crisp and clean-  I love cracked,old and peeling...... so to "81" I go for rusty shelf brackets to put my old ,cracked, peeling paint, board on under the window!!!
I now have a room with a view and light to work ... now to find the time to get up there and work a bit!!!!!
                            I think there is NOTHING my husband won't do for me!!!!!


Beverly said...

It is wonderful to have such an adoring hubby....I know, because I have one too! So glad you can bring the outdoors into your sewing room. You will get so much more inspiration that way. Oh, and I love the shabby shelf!!

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hey Autumn,

Oh, I love your way of thinking! It looks so good. :-)

I've got a few bookcases that are made from old chippy paint doors...the old heart pine ones that weigh a ton! You have spurred me to take pictures so you can see.

Have a great day,

Bonne said...

YAYYYY!!!! NOTHING like natural light to craft by. I situated my sewing machines in my back porch area for that very reason. Give hubs a big hug from all of us for being such a good sport with our whims. ;)

Ruth said...

How nice, Autumn. What a great hubby. I prefer peeling, cracked and rusty, too.


electricdunce said...

There is such a heart in the older things, and it is so nice to be able to work them into your life. Your hubby sounds like a champ. I love the picture of you in the apron on this blog, so sweet.