Friday, August 28, 2009

Smart artist!!!!!

No- I'm not bragging on myself-I'm bragging on Kimberly, my daughter in law.
Gabe & Kimberly have had to be pretty creative with day to day things that most of us take for granted. Aidan,my precious little lamb, is autistic and can be quite a handful if he gets into things he shouldn't.
To minimize this they have cleverly found a way to keep those things handy that we all normally leave on a table-top or counter.
All along the hallway adjoining the family room there are baskets hung at the top of the doors, safe from Aidan and yet still perfectly accessible!
I was complimenting her on how nice they looked when she explained to me the purpose.
What a smart woman!!!!!
In addition to smart she's a pretty artistic girl.
The next few pictures are samples of her creativity around her home.
Canvas wall hanging
Painted clock
Copper-look plaque
Not your average corkboard
Good job Kimberly!!!!


Beverly said...

Wow, she is quite artistic!! Does she get that gene from you? Happy weekend to you, Autumn!!!

Kim said...

Your so sweet to me, thanks for your kind words.