Thursday, August 13, 2009

A fresh new start!!!!

I am officially moved in now!!!! Welcome to the "ONE AND ONLY" blog for me!!! YAY!!!!
You'd think since Simplicity is my word of the day EVERYDAY I'd have figured this out before now!
Anyway here we are starting afresh with all the old posts from both other blogs imported and most of them labeled for easy reference, in the links at the top of the page.

That's about it- no new info and no things to learn- Now that's what I call SIMPLE!!!!

It has been such a busy summer- I have so much to share but I think I'll just jump in and catch you up on the "right now" of things.

Here is our precious Ryland Tucker- he's 2 weeks old now. Isn't he just adorably handsome!!!???? He is so quiet and content- a real southern gentleman!

Sara and Christopher have moved into the little house (3 months ago!) and have made it their home-now complete by hosting a successful party with lots of guests!!
Christopher's mom & dad have just recently completed training for foster care and have in their care a baby they hope to adopt- and the party was to celebrate this step in the process.
We were treated to homemade croissants(by Cassie),muffins,punch, coffee and tea served in the good silver, by Sara, and other goodies too numerous to mention!
Good job Sara!!!

Here's my sweetie- doing what he does best- making something for MOI'!!!
As many of you know soapmaking is my newest obsession, so my sweet man is making me a proper soap mold!!!

He IS THE BEST- I mean it- he really is!!!! Yummy soap and lots of it!!! I have tried 3 recipes and plan to try another in the days ahead. I'm hoping to be involved in a local Farmers Market in the fall and if I turn out some sewing and a few bars of soap I may sell them there- or I may just keep it all!!!! I am soo addicted to the fine softness of this soap!!! No more Procter & Gamble for me!!!! And did I mention that that same sweetie mentioned above bought me a tiller!!!! No more wishing I could just get out there and till and plant - now I can do it whenever I want-

I have lots in the ground right now and I am hoping for a better season. We had a real drought this summer and I lost lots of plants- but my berry bushes and citrus trees are just fine.

And this shed- well I just can't say enough about it! It's situated right by the garden and has room for all my JUNQUEX! No more walking across the property for hoes,fertilizer and all the other things I need out there!!! Thanks honey!

See I TOLD ya he is the best!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!
If this is your first time here , I hope you come back- and if you are one of my regulars, well, it's so good to see ya!!!!

Ya'll come back now!!!


Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Autumn,

Your blog looks great..I've gotta do that link navigation across the top of mine too...that really streamlines everything.

That Ryland is totally adorably handsome....boy, are the girls gonna be after him *at a young age*!! :0)

I love your storage shed for that NEW tiller and all your other gardening goodies.

So glad to have you back in blogland and ALL organized and SIMPLE..hehehe!!!

Thomas is home for his visit and today we went to Townsend across the mountain to a woodcarving store for him to buy some new wood and to meet the owners. Then on the way back we walked through two really large antique/junk stores. I found the coolest retro floor lamp and it work perfect! I'll get a picture posted soon.

Hugs to you, Steph

Autumn said...

Hey Steph!
So glad ya like the new layout- my son walks me through the whole thing- I have zero talent on setting this stuff up. He does it for a living for a real corporation- and on a much grander scale.
I had to convince him to just do the simplest thing for me so I wouldn't have to learn too much new jargon.
We settled on the menu bar and importing posts and I think it worked out fine.

The shopping trip sounds fun- I'll hop over to see your new lamp, now that I dont have to juggle 3 blogs!!!!:)

Ruth said...

Wow~Autumn!! You have been busy. Your new grandson is a doll. So precious. Sounds like you had a lovely party at your daughter's. Everything looks wonderful. Your hubby is great. He sure is handy.


Bonne said...

Too many blogs = craziness
Awesome soap mold~I like the wooden ones the best, but they are pricey to buy. That's why we have our carpenters around ....mmwwwaaghhhh!!!
You'll never use shower gels (ack~make me itch) or syndet bars (synthetic detergents)again after being spoiled by your own soap! Bravo!!
Ryland is a doll!!

Bonne said...

OH, and NEVER put lavender buds in your soap. They look like mouse turds in the finished product. If you want to add botanicals, the best way is to sprinkle them crushed, on the tops of the soap log/slab just after you pour.