Friday, August 14, 2009

Change comes hard...and sometimes not at all!!!

In the past few years our family has tried to adopt a healthier approach to food- more clean eating. You know fresh vegetables,whole grains and more real food as opposed to processed and packaged foods.
My older kids will tell you that we have tried time and time again to get off all the white stuff- you know white sugar, and white flour- but it slips back in, ever so quietly.
Yesterday as I was preparing dinner I made a pitcher of iced tea-best tea on the planet. I'm not bragging- my kids will tell you- it's good every time.It's one of those things that just have become a part of "us"- white sugar and all!!!!! As I dumped the 1 full cup of the white "poison" in I wondered why it tastes so good.
I don't have the answer but I do know that after being in the heat all day we ALL want a glass of iced tea with supper.
I don't know if that'll ever change.
This last week I tried a project that I thought was just too cute for words- eggshell candles. Aren't they adorable??? The scent is called "sweet milk".
The only problem is- I don't really enjoy making candles and as cute as they are they don't work well. The wick singes the shells and then they STINK!!!
Moral of the story: I don't care for doing candles!!!! I'll just keep buying them from Pierre at "81" or online at I was also treated to some really nice crocheted lace!!! Angela brought a huge bag full of this yummy stuff for Liz and I to fight over! We both had some great ideas and looks like I'll get to the sewing room next week to start on some of them!! Thanks Angela, for supporting our obsession!!! :)


Dawn Dutton said...

Autumn, I just love your blog. I made those candles a few years back. I had dyed mine with food coloring. I never lit mine cuz they were just too cute. I have one on my dining room table right now. Funny I think... Love in Christ, Dawn

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Autumn,

Sugar, processed or's all good!! And good *sweetened* iced tea...there's nothing better.

Those egg candles are adorable and would be good just for looks since they stink. LOL They really are too cute. :0)

Have a great day,

Ruth said...

Hi! Autumn~

Too funny about the candles. I used to make candles a while back and then found it was so much easier to just buy them. I love iced tea too and we can't seem to get rid of the white sugar in our house either. No matter how hard I try we can't seem to break away from it.

That crocheted lace is gorgeous. I have so much of it that my mom and grandmother made for me. I love all of it and need to come up with some projects to use it.


Bonne said...

LOL!!! They are darn cute candles though.....I'm with you on making candles....can't stand the mess that's so difficult to clean up. At least soap is easy to clean up!!!
I do love handmade candles and you'll find many chandlers on the Craftserver forum. The best candles and tarts I got were from swaps on that forum that I joined~Ones that were B&B/Candles, so you got a variety of things. The scents were so strong~didn't compare to "store-bought".

Autumn said...

Thanks! I am still really loving the soapmaking but the candles- not for me-I'll run down to 81 or Jill-Suzanne
and buy the best ever candles in the world!!!

Go check out her stuff-you will like it!!!!