Sunday, June 21, 2009


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Dawn Dutton said...

I loved the slide show! What a fun way to share your VBS. Our VBS is coming up in August. I can't wait to have it now.... your photos show me again how much work it is but how much pleasure it is as well. What a wonderful way to touch peoples lives with God's word... Good job! I am blessed to have found your blog. You just don't know how much it inspires me.. Thanks, Dawn

Autumn said...

Hey Dawn!
So glad you enjoyed it!!!
This is our second year of VBS. Our ladies bible study does it.
The very cool thing about it is that we all attend different churches.
We used the Answers in Genesis curriculum and I am sooo pleased with that. It focuses on teaching the Absolute authority and authenticity of the bible and creation related issues kids face in school.
The two areas that I feel most passionate about.
I have a link to the site- check it out sometime- and thanks for your sweet words!

Beverly said...

Thanks for sharing, Autumn...brings back wonderful memories from when the kids were little...I always did VBS...we had such fun! What a creative theme you had this year.
Hugs to you,