Saturday, June 6, 2009

The path less travelled?

It's been 5 or 6 years since this road has been used and it was a real blessing to finally see rocks on it again.

Pretty pricey rocks, I might add!
The last time we had limestone hauled in there was a week long rainstorm and it flooded everything. The road was too wet for the dump trucks to get in for the delivery.
Justin and lacey had to ride the 4 wheeler back and forth for about a week afterward till things dried up.
Sara and Christopher only had a short shower or two and I don't think they were limited much at all. This pretty much finishes things off for them- at least as far as work that we need to do- my hubby left them a "to-do" list of small things they can easily accomplish in the next few weeks.
Now I can breathe a sigh of relief and get ready for VBS!!!!! Only one week away!!!!


Dawn Dutton said...

Enjoy your VBS! Ours is in a month........ Our theme this year is Bandaids and Bibles! One of our youngsters came up with the idea!
Have fun! God Bless your efforts with the children and adults alike... Dawn

Ruth said...

You are such a busy lady. VBS will be fun. I hope you have a great turnout.

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Autumn,

Thanks so much for dropping by to see me..I always love reading your comments because you always have that sparkle in your voice..Yes, it can be heard..:0)

I know what you mean about that pricey rock! I need a few loads of it right now and keep putting it to the end of the list of priorities.

Now I'm waiting on the arrival and installation of all the windows for the great room! woohoo...then maybe I can start unpacking and get some order to the main level.

You wanna come visit? :0) I need to paint the studio even though I keep changing my mind as to what color...maybe white is good (since then I wouldn't have to do anything..hahahaha...I know you are relieved to be in VBS instead of remodeling..What the theme this year??

Hugs to you,

Autumn said...

Hey Steph!! Thanks for stopping by!
Our theme this year for VBS is SPACE.
We start on Monday- my favorite thing to do is see those kids at VBS!!!!!
Take care!