Monday, June 8, 2009


pickin' and grinnin'
pickin' and grinnin'
On Saturday there was(or almost was) a band reunion- not many showed up but the ones who did jammed a little just the same. 

Bluegrass is not everyone's favorite but Luke had a few guys to jam  with- one of them being his bro~n~law.

Christopher ,like Luke is a good musician, but I don't think he's picked much bluegrass in the last few years. He accompanied Luke ,like a good sport and did it happily(at least on the outside) .

As I was thinking about why he would do that I started thinking about both of Luke bro~n~laws; last weekend Andrew took Luke out for some guy time.

For the last couple of years Luke's been so well treated by both of these guys.

Even though he has tons of energy, and likely wears them out they still hang out with him,play music and games with him  and take him places.

They   make sure he gets to events that are happening and invite him to go with them to some of their own events.

This old parent is really thankful for all they do!!

Andrew & Christopher- thank you for being good brother~n~laws and...good friends to Luke!!!


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