Friday, May 1, 2009


First you must know that I am a NOVICE - I have had so many people share their knowledge with me that I felt it only right to just keep passing it on!

Composting has so many advantages- recycling waste,enriching soil, minimizing our input to landfills and likely much more. For me it feels less wasteful. We don't have any recycling programs locally so it's a bit difficult to recycle things like glass, etc., but anyone can compost!!!!


I started last year with a black garbage can with a lid and hole drilled into the sides. I add all my vegetable waste,coffee grounds and even egg shells.

I quickly got tired of running outside to dump the collection of vegetable peels and such so I dug out an old enamel pot with a lid to make my kitchen scraps less ....visible. :)100_5618







 I empty the kitchen pan into the outdoor can where the organic materials begin to decompose. Since most of the things in this can are from the kitchen there is plenty of moisture to help things start "cooking".

Heat and moisture seem to be the key to getting this going right. This is just a regular garbage can with a tight fitting lid. We drilled holes in the sides so that there would be some air -another important factor.

**Don't expect the science about all this to sneak in here- I'm all about SIMPLE-






 When the big can  gets about half way full the it goes into the permanent compost bin, near the garden.




I 've been "cooking" this compost for almost a year now and plan on tilling the finished compost into the garden when we cultivate for planting. I'm anxious to see how the plants do using the compost-





Who knew garbage could be so much fun??????