Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's popular to be "thinking green" these days and I'm glad but this blog  is not ALL ABOUT green- it's about simple pleasures and slowing life down so that each day reflects what we truly are all about.

I hope to share the wealth of information that so many have shared with us on our journey toward living more simple lives.

Lives that have meaning in  everyday tasks.

[caption id="attachment_4" align="aligncenter" width="399" caption="Early morning in the garden...."]Early morning in the garden....[/caption]


It's not possible(as far as I can tell) to return to the ways of the pioneers completely- nor would most of us want to!

  There are  skills,however, that have value and meaning in our lives that enrich and nourish us in ways that only the Creator can explain.

Simple pleasures- that's what I hope to share here. So relax and enjoy and I hope to find things that interest you in the quest for .....SIMPLICITY.