Sunday, April 12, 2009

A week's work has made a difference!!!

We had a lot on the agenda for this week and amazingly most all of it was accomplished!!!
Here's a peek of the main room(from the front door) .

The right side towards the rear is the kitchen area- just to the left (where ya see a white cabinet) is the bathroom.
To the left the 2 doors are the bedrooms.
As you can see we have inside walls to construct for the bathroom as well as all the fixtures for both kitchen and bath.

The entire right side was ripped apart by Rita- Luke has replaced most of the tin already, but this weekend with help from Andrew they finished it completely!

These two are NOT afraid of hard work! In record time they stripped wallpaper,cleaned walls and painted Wendy's room.


Stay tuned for more updates!!!!


Queen of Dreamsz said...

That's what I call progress...y'all aren't fooling around. :0) It is going to be so nice and cozy..can't wait to see it finished.


Ruth said...

Looks like it will be so wonderful when it's all finished.

Bonne said...

Wow! This should be on HGTV!! That's exactly what it reminds me of with the kicky color and cute girls doing the work!! lol This is going to be so adorable!